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Jacob Watson

When it comes to wedding photographs I want raw emotion. I want the love, that connection that only exists between the people in front of the camera. I don’t just want your photos to be nice to look at, I want you to see them and feel them.

I became a wedding photographer by chance in 2009. A friend of mine who was supposed to shoot a wedding went to the wrong venue and he called me to cover for him, long story short, I fell in love. I worked hard photographing hundreds of weddings. Honing my skills, riding the wave of current trends, trying so hard to make perfect images. Eventually I found the perfect image, for me, was not the brightest or the sharpest or the most colorful, it was the one s that had the most feeling behind them. Honest emotion. The love that you feel, the weight of change, and comfort and support that your family and friends being there will bring.

I’m in this business for the people and for the heart. To me that is what art is all about. Let’s make something you can hang on your wall.

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